Exclusive Content

Our course videos are designed for adult learners at all experience levels with content varying from just a few minutes to longer, in-depth topics up to 25 minutes. Most are less than 10 minutes, allowing you to target your needs and learn on the go! New courses and resources are added regularly, and you’ll find rich content in areas such as prospecting, presentations, negotiations, and social media.

Featuring a modern and intuitive design, each student lands on a personal dashboard for an ‘at-a-glance’ view of course activity from which you can jump to courses in progress, new or recommended courses, and even rate those you’ve completed.


LeadingRE Institute videos are taught by an array of trusted instructors. Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the faces you'll be seeing on your journey!

Specialized Certifications

  • LeadingRE Sales Specialist
  • LeadingRE Marketing Specialist
  • LeadingRE Service Expert
  • LeadingRE Target Marketing Specialist
  • LeadingRE Sales Gold
  • LeadingRE Agent Team Leader Certification

Earn Badges Along the Way

  • Explorer Greenhorn: Completed 10 Courses
  • Explorer Novice: Completed 25 Courses
  • Explorer Apprentice: Completed 50 Courses
  • Explorer Master: Completed 75 Courses
  • Explorer Senior: Completed 100 Courses
  • Explorer Guru: Completed 150 Courses

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