We get you. Because we walk miles in your shoes every day. Our training programs took years to develop because we wanted them—we needed them—to be right. To give you what you need most, and to fix what typically needs fixing. There are four programs to choose from:

• RAMP, Rising Agent Mastery Program

• SLAM, Seller Listing Agent Mastery

• AMP, Admin Mastery Program

• BAM, Buyer Agent Mastery

Each one of these modules will give you tools that can change your business, make you more successful, and help you get your life back.

Rising Agent Mastery Program

Get a balanced overview of the essentials to help you RAMP up your real estate business and become an all-star agent.

60+ self-paced videos, including:

  • Business planning
  • Creating new habits
  • Scripts and dialogues
  • Creating amazing client experiences
  • SOI and top 50
  • Working with buyers and sellers
  • How to negotiate like a pro

Seller Listing Agent Mastery

This training material is crowd-sourced from the best listers in the country—every single one of them making seven figures. Real solutions and tools to help you win in a crowded market. When you’re done, you’ll have a pre-listing package, a listing package, a marketing plan, and every system to run a high-volume listing-focused business that helps you go head-to-head with any top agent and succeed.

30 Self Paced Videos Include:

  • Pre-Listing Process
  • Listing Appointment "Best Practices"
  • Marketing Plan
  • Open Houses On Steroids
  • How To Find More Listings! 

Admin Mastery Program

Salespeople don’t want to worry about administrative hassles, but they’re the number-one thing that bog down their business. Nor do they know how to hire and train an effective administrative assistant to ease the load. AMP puts a path to operational excellence at your fingertips. How to get the most out of your CRM, do marketing, follow up, and so much more—everyday tasks that can (frankly) drive you nuts. It’s all right there to help you become efficient and profitable.

60 Self Paced Videos Include:

  • Creating Operational Excellence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Intentionally Creating Core Values
  • Time Management
  • Marketing and more!

Buyer Agent Mastery Program

BAM shows you how to be more efficient and effective when representing a buyer. This sixteen-session series includes videos, weekly live role-play calls, and a host of useful, time-saving forms, prospecting systems, tracking, and more. It includes training on lead conversion, prospecting, overcoming objections, negotiation, and how to flat out dominate your market with buyers.

16 Self-Paced Videos Include:

  • Business Planning
  • Power of Prospecting
  • Open House Mastery
  • Internet Lead Conversion
  • Agent Safety
  • Overcoming Objections and more!

Build your business by taking advantage of the Workman Success Systems Training Center!

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